I’ve been experimenting a lot recently with more random elements and creating loops from (controlled) chaos.

Here’s a clip I put on youtube ages ago showing an early experiment like this which I called my ‘automagic glitch machine’

Now this isn’t especially musical, but the think to look at is what’s going on in the 3rd & 4th tracks.  I’m using Ableton’s follow-actions to randomly select segments of samples.

The logic would be to then process the output of one of these tracks in real time and render that down for a few minutes, then scan within that output to find interesting loops to work with later..

In this test I have a bunch of random noises just to test the technique, but later on I’ve started with a more coherent set of sounds I’ve made/used before, but now they’re all matched much better which leads to much more predictable / useable results.

Two audio examples here. One with just the glitched up elements, and then the simple kick/bass elements. Finally, the little track I made as a test.