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The continuing adventures of de-cluttering my life, part 2

The continuing adventures of de-cluttering my life!

The end of the year is fast approaching, and whilst I’m not generally one for the whole ‘new years resolution’ thing per-se, it is one of the fixed points in my calendar when I have a couple of weeks off, and therefore a good opportunity for a bit of R&R.

In the past I’ve not always been the best at freeing up proper quality free time when I have a break, so this year I’m determined to do just that, so over the next three weeks my plan is to get all my end of year admin done, which is mainly my annual accounts/tax return, then to spend a few days having a bloody good tidy up and de-clutter of my office and living space.

Earlier in the year I did a fair bit of de-cluttering already, primarily my office, got rid of dozens of old folders and that’s already helped loads, but for the next phase I really want to go minimal.



Everything Zen

You know how sometimes you just reach a tipping point when something has to give?

Well, I’ve had an item on my Omnifocus projects list for about two years that says “Major Declutter”.

My office has been getting increasingly cluttered of late, and I seem to accumulate ring binders like they’re going out of fashion.


This is actually a few years ago, it got a lot worse after this:

Well, I had one of those ‘enough is enough’ moments and decided they all had to go.

So far, I’ve managed to thin those white folders down to about 10 essentials, and they’ve been found a new home.

I’ve still for loads to do, but all those shelves have gone already it’s freed up a lot of headspace.